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The Enchanting Fusion: Science Meets Magic



Last year, I had performed a scientific magic show in my school's annual concert. I like to share some magic with their tricks in this video.

the Rainbow colour Magic

I have a magic jar. Actually, Guru Maa gifted me this jar. You are little confused about Guru Maa, na!. Guru Maa is Dr. Strange’s Magical Teacher.

This pot is filled with water. It can make colourful water. Please notice the Rainbow colour Magic. Please jar give me some colourful waters.

I also can able to colourless this water with my mantra.

Why is it happening do you have an idea?

Actually, it is not the normal water in this jar. This is a solution of Sodium Hydroxide. I have already prepare the base by adding 2g of Sodium Hydroxide into 1l of water

Pour few drops of different ph-indicators into the glasses for different colours. Like phenolphthalein for red, thymolphthalien for blue and for yellow I have added m-nitropenol also mixed those indicators into different quantities for other colours to ethanol. So, it creates various colours.

And this bowl is filled with some amount of my ma’s vinegar. When I pour the colourful chemicals into this bowl the base gets neutralized by vinegar i.e Acetic acid and becomes colourless.

Dhup Prajwalan Mantra

My mom got troubled at the time of Sandhya Arati when she couldn't find marches for burn an Incense stick. So, I invented the Dhup Prajwalan Mantra

So, how is it happen? Is it miracle or science

Upon closer inspection, you can find that the insecnce stick is not a simple stick. A black coloured paper is wrapped over it. Now I pour some amount of Potassium Permanganate and a few drops of Glycerin into it. Within 15-20 seconds it makes a fire.

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